Ludum Dare 21 Games!

Last weekend, The Game Studio participated in Ludum Dare and completed two games! The theme was “Escape.”

Escape From Music Manor: A Rhythmic Roguelike!

Zachary created a single-button rhythm roguelike called Escape From Music Manor: A Rhythmic Roguelike!. In it, you must escape the dastardly Music Manor by timing your button presses to select your actions, all to the tune of a procedurally-generated soundscape.

Escape From Music Manor

Is there anything in this room that won't kill me?

Solar Escape

Evan created a space escape game called Solar Escape. In it, you must escape the explosion of a dying star by slingshotting your ship through planets while avoiding space debris that will slow you down.

Solar Escape

Hmm... this is exactly where I don't want to be.

posted on
23rd August 2011

posted by
Zachary Lewis

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