Believable Animation With Static Images

I’m currently working on a title that requires single-frame sprites to animate in such a way that brings them to life. After playing around in Flash, I’ve come up with the following little toy. I figured I’d share it with you. Enjoy Bouncy World!

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posted on
16th March 2012

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Zachary Lewis

2 Responses to Believable Animation With Static Images

  1. Archon says:

    Adorable, I like how they grow to full-size first, its a nice touch.

  2. jaron says:

    I’m sorry but your not happy with that are you? You should be adding in some bones and making sure they don’t lose their volume while animating.

    How about some slow in slow outs for more natural movement? The growing animation is static, it doesn’t pop, add more inbetwens near the start then slow out into a 1–2–3—–4———5–6–7 animation standard at least. I suggest this great book, the animators survival guide.

    I hope you can take this as helpful critique and I’m not pushing your boundaries too far. I really hope you’re able to look at your work objectively and see where it needs work if your goal is to make the animation believable, even with static images. It fel very…. computer generated, which is ok to do, just make sure it’s not obvious.

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